Reference Material

The library offers the following materials for use in the library only.

Reference Books

The library offers reference books on a variety of subjects. For more information on the library's reference book holdings please call the library or use our online catalog.

Genealogy Materials

The library has a collection of genealogy materials for use in the library. Some genealogy items can also be checked out.

Local History

The library has many local and state history references. Materials on the Town of Speedway, City of Indianapolis, State of Indiana, and local businesses can be accessed in the local history area. The library also has back issues of the Speedway Flyer on microfilm.


Newspapers are for use in the library only. Current newspapers include The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, The Indianapolis Business Journal, The Indianapolis Recorder, The Indianapolis Star, USA Today, and back issues of The Speedway Town Press and The Westside Messenger.

Circulating Materials

Type of Material Loan Period Fine    Maximum Fine Maximum Number of items Maximum Number of renewals
Books-Except Reference & Children's 3 Weeks $0.10/day    $2.00 No Limit 2
Magazines 2 Weeks $0.10/day    $2.00 10 2
Adult Compact Discs 2 Weeks $0.10/day    $2.00 10 2
Children's Compact Discs 2 Weeks $0.10/day    $2.00 10 2
Adult Playaways 2 Weeks $0.10/day    $2.00 3 1
Children's Playaways 2 Weeks $0.10/day    $2.00 3 1
CD-ROMs 2 Weeks $0.10/day    $2.00 5 2
Adult DVDs 1 week $1.00/day    $5.00 5 1
Children's DVDs 1 Week $1.00/day    $5.00 5 1
Indianapolis 500 Videos 1 Week $1.00/day    $5.00 5 1
Children's Videocassettes 1 Week $1.00/day    $5.00 20 1
STEAM Kits 2 Weeks $0.10/day    $2.00 1 1
Board Games 2 Weeks $0.10/day    $2.00 1 1
WiFi Hotspots 2 Weeks $1.00/day    $5.00 1 1

**Children's books no longer accrue fines. Patrons are still responsible for lost or damaged materials.