Kits and Board Games

Children's STEAM Kits

The library offers STEAM kits that promote education through play. All STEAM kits are available to check out for 2 weeks at a time with 1 renewal if there are no holds.

Three Little Pigs

A fairy tale problem solving kit. Can you build a house strong enough to protect the pigs from the wolf?

Create-a-Chain Reaction

Build ramps, pendulums, hammers, and more-- then drop a ball onto tracks and set off a chain reaction.

Snap circuits Jr.

Learn the basics of electrical circuits.

Code & Go Robot Mouse

Build a maze for the mouse and use coding skills to successfully navigate the mouse through.

Newton's laws

Learn about inertia, momentum, and kinetic & potential energy while building fun contraptions.


Use basic coding skills to control the movement of the Code-a-Pillar.


Learn engineering skills while creating buildings and bridges.

Snap Circuits: Arcade

Create fun sounds and lights while learning about basic circuitry.


Use coding skills to control the movement of these tiny robots.

Board Games

Board games can be found by the Playaways and DVDs near the Adult Fiction collection. They are available to check out for 2 weeks at a time with 1 renewal if there are no holds.

Machi Koro

Buy properties and earn money to build your town in this fun, card based game. Ages 10 and Up.


Take on the persona of a famous Disney villain and finish your objectives before your opponents. Ages 10 and Up.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Who will win, the villagers or the werewolves? It is up to you to figure out who is the werewolf and save the villagers. Ages 8 and Up.

Codenames: Pictures

Use clues to find the cards with the secret agents. Find all your agents before the other team to win! Ages 14 and Up.

Duelosaur Island

Build your own dinosaur theme park! Keep visitors happy and make sure the dinosaurs don't escape! Ages 10 and Up.

Gyrating Hamsters

Collect your horde of hamsters before your opponents and battle your way to victory. Ages 8 and Up.

Boss Monster

Become the boss character in this card based version of a classic side-scroller and stop the heroes. Ages 13 and Up.


You have 5 minutes to build a spaceship and escape. Everyone must work together while also working on their own projects. Ages 12 and Up.


Everyone is a jewel thief and it is up to you to figure out who is who...while stealing jewels along the way. Ages 10 and Up.


Attract the best birds to your aviary. Ages 14 and Up.


Help create a beautiful Greek town by playing as a god or goddess. Ages 8 and Up.

The Oregon Trail

Try to make the journey from Missouri to Oregon without dying. Ages 8 and Up.